Positions open for 2019 Election

• President-Elect

Note: Due to this position being open from last year, the electee will serve one year (2020) as President-elect and then elevate to President for 2 years

• Treasurer

• Director at Large 2 ~ Marketing/Fundraising

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Have you ever thought of taking your participation in the WOCN® Society to an even higher level?   There is no time like the present get involved and make a difference.

Promoting WOC Nursing as a vital and fulfilling career option to new and not so new nurses helps to ensure our continued success by attracting new members to this expanding and essential specialty.  A strong membership base will increase public and professional awareness of the very important services we provide.

Would you be surprised to learn that PGP Points are awarded for each term served as an officer or committee chair at the regional level?  This can be VERY valuable when it is time to recertify!

The requirements to become a candidate for office are easy.  One must be a current member of the Mid Atlantic Region as determined by WOCN® membership requirements at the National level.  Certification is not mandated!  Candidates must be willing to run for office and be willing to serve if elected. Previous experience in office is not necessary.  It is important to note that this is NOT a full-time commitment. Periodic meetings are scheduled well in advance; many are conducted by conference call.

If you, (or someone you know) fit this description, please complete the candidate profile / consent to serve form, or use our contact forms for the President or Nominations Chair to let them know. Prospective candidates will be contacted to verify their willingness to serve prior to placing their name on the ballot.  Anonymous nominations are always welcome and encouraged.  We respect confidentiality!
Nominations are due by: July 31, 2019

This is a REGIONAL organization.  We should have EVERY affiliate in the region represented. 

2019 Election Timeline


Consider serving your Region and putting your "hat in the ring" !

Consents due July 31st


August 4
Candidate Profiles Online

August 8
Online Voting Opens


September 8

On-line Voting closes - and certified.

Election Results will be announced during the Membership Meeting at the Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

Candidacy Requirements

  • Current member of the MAR as determined by WOCN® Society membership at the National level
  • Certification is not mandated
  • Previous experience in office is not necessary
  • Ability to attend periodic meetings scheduled well in advance, many via conference call

Reasons to serve on the Board

  1. Promote WOC nursing as a vital and fulfilling career option to new and seasoned nurses

  2. Increase public and professional awareness of the important services WOC nurses provide

  3. Earn PGP points toward recertification as an Officer or Committee Chair

  4. Receive assistance with expenses for annual regional meetings

  5. Gain experience to prepare for National Office leadership positions

  6. Great networking

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