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The I.A.E.T. was founded September 1968, in Phoenix, Arizona, when a small group of skilled persons practicing Enterostomal Therapy decided to formalize themselves within an Association and established guidelines for its members. The growth of I.A.E.T. brought about regionalization in 1975, as it was felt such would improve action at the local level and between I.A.E.T. and its members. The regional line up of I.A.E.T. put the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, and the District of Columbia in the Mideast Region with five other Mideast states. The Mideast region was the first region to be officially recognized by I.A.E.T. in August 1975. At the first Mideast Regional Meeting in Dayton, Ohio on February 21, 1976, a proposal was made that the Mideast Region be divided into two regions. Its geographical size made it unfeasible for members to attend meetings and workshops. Read the entire history Click link to view PDF File

MAR By-Laws

MAR-ByLaws-update (Reviewed March 2021; Board and Committee Chair Role Descriptions)

MAR-Operating Guidelines-Update (Reviewed March 2021)

WOCN® Charter Agreement

WOCN Region_Affiliate Charter Agreement (Reviewed March 2021)


Genesis of the WOCN® Society

“The genesis of the WOCN® Society was the pain and suffering of its founder, Norma Gill, and countless other patients who had to manage a surgically created ostomy with their own ingenuity and without proper nursing intervention. The legacy of our organization's pioneers is expert and compassionate care for patients with ostomies, chronic wounds, and incontinence. The mandate for today's leadership is to insure that research proliferates; that the brightest and best nurses are attracted to a dynamic and rewarding specialty; and, most significantly, that patients of all ages receive treatments and therapies that enable them to live their life to its fullest potential. Imagination, innovation, education and collaboration are the imperatives that will propel the WOCN Society to new levels of competency, effectiveness, and influence in the future.”
~ Dr. Katherine Jeter