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2017 Candidates:

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Thomas, Claudia
Claudia Thomas Employer: Retired
Member Since: 2001
Education: BSN - McNeese University Lake Charles, LA
WOCN - Wicks School Pennsylvania
Regional Participation: MAR Nominations Chair for 2 years
Member at Large II for 2 years
Summary Statement: A belief that one can only grow in mind and soul when they stretch themselves beyond their own experiences.

This will be a very real stretch for me, far beyond any experience in this position; however it is a challenge that I am willing to accept, learn, and perform if elected.

Member at Large II ~ Marketing

Dietzler-Otte, Janette
Dietzler-Otte, Janette Employer: University of Virginia Health System
Responsibility: Wound & Ostomy
Member Since: 2000
Education: 2017- current: Wilkes University DNP Program-Wilkes-Barre, PA
2015: CWON - WOCNCB exam
2010: COCN - Emory ETNEP, Atlanta, GA
2009-2011: Central Methodist University MSN program – Fayette, MO
2000: Certified Wound Specialist - AAWM
2000-2005: Webster University BSN program – St. Louis, MO
1983-1985: Missouri Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - St. Louis, MO
1982-1983: Meramec Community College - Kirkwood, MO
1982-1983: East Central Community College - Union, MO
1980-1982: St. Louis University –St. Louis, MO (College courses taken while in high school)
Outside Experience: Two-time presenter at the Missouri Show Us Your Best Conference. Two-time presenter at the MO Hospital Association Annual Conference Poster presenter at the 18th Annual Clinical Symposium on Advances in Wound Care National Program Developer and Speaker for Synergicare LLC Wound Care 101, Wound Care 201, and Wound Care 310 program since 2007 successfully educating thousands of health care members on wound and ostomy care.
Poster presenter for the 41st Annual WOCN Conference in St. Louis, MO June 2009 Case Study Poster presenter at the Missouri Podiatric Medical Association Annual Meeting Aug. 2009 Speaker in the 2nd Annual Advancing Wound Healing for Hospitals & Freestanding Clinics Jan 2010 Poster presenter for The SAWC and Wound Healing Society Meeting April 2010 Speaker in the 3rd Annual Advancing Wound Healing for Hospitals & Freestanding Clinics June 2010 Poster Presenter in the 43rd Annual Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Conference June 2011 Speaker in the 5th Annual Advancing Wound Care for Healthcare Facilities June 2011 Speaker in the 6th World Congress Leadership Summit on Advancing the Profitability of Wound Care Centers January 31, 2012 Speaker in A Collaborative to Diabetes Care Conference Workshop October 2012 Speaker in A Collaborative Approach to Diabetes Care Conference in Charlotte, NC September 27, 2013 Speaker for St. Louis Community College’s continuing education series Diabetes and Wound Care November 6, 2013 Speaker for St. Louis Regional Wound Care Conference September 26, 2014 on Wound Care: Emerging Technologies and September 27, 2014 on Medicare and the Rules for Wound Care Speaker on Advances in Wound Care for Missouri League of Nursing Workshops May 1, 10, 17 and June 7, 2014 Speaker on Diabetes and Wound Care for Missouri League of Nursing Workshops March 20, April 3, May 22, May 29 and June 4, 2015 Speaker on Pressure Ulcer and Support Surfaces:  Methods to Offload and Photo Documentation and Wound Care at St. Louis Regional Wound Care Conference Aug 25-27, 2016

Papers Published
Dietzler J. The management of acute abdominal wounds with an encroaching colostomy in an outpatient setting...41st Annual Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, June 6-10, 2009. Journal Of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nursing [serial online]. May 2, 2009;36:S11. Available from: CINAHL with Full Text, Ipswich, MA.

Dietzler J. The management of an enteric stoma with a juxtaposed dehisced incisional wound in an outpatient wound clinic setting. World Council Of Enterostomal Therapists Journal [serial online]. July 2010;30(3):30-32. Available from: CINAHL with Full Text, Ipswich, MA.

Dietzler J. The utilization of an advanced negative pressure wound therapy system to manage pain and increase granulation formation in recalcitrant leg and foot ulcers. Journal Of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nursing [serial online]. May 2, 2011;38:S20-1. Available from: CINAHL with Full Text, Ipswich, MA

Phillips, W., Hershey, M., Willcutts, K., & Dietzler-Otte, J. (2017). The Effectiveness of the Braden Scale as a Tool for Identifying Nutrition Risk. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

  Regional Participation: Former Board Member (President) St. Louis Affiliate WOCN 2009-2013
  Summary Statement: I have been an active member of the regional affiliates and national WOCN since 2000.  I have extensive experience planning and holding conferences on the national level with both the St. Louis WOCN Affiliate Wound Care Conferences, Synergicare Wound Care 101, 201, and 301 Conferences in the Midwest, and St. Louis Regional Wound Care Conferences.  

Member at Large II ~ Marketing

Surguy, Wendy
Wendy Surguy Employer: Bayhealth Medical Center
Responsibility: Urology np. Start up of pelvic floor clinic and performing urodynamics and interpretation with plans and treatment for clients
Member Since: 2002
Education: Emory University 2002
Wilmington University MSN,FNP grad 2015
Outside Experience: Past president of ESWOCN for 7 years.
President of the last ESWOCN hosted MAR conference in OC, MD
Established the pelvic floor clinic at Bayhealth with colorectal surgeon : providing testing, interpretation, therapy and collaborative care with other urological surgeons.
I feel the years of being an active member of MAR and ESWOCN gives me an advantage with marketing to the community regarding WOC nurse concerns.
Cochair of wound coalition group which is a spinoff of ESWOCN that gets medical professionals who are doing wound, ostomy, continence care at other facilities together
(with WOCN members) quarterly to mingle and discuss better patient care.
Mother of 2 children and wife that can multitask like a mad woman!
Accountability to keep the local affiliate I am a member of and the MAR group empowered to keep producing more active members and providing research based care for all of our patients. 
  Regional Participation: ESWOCN affiliate president from 2008-2017.
Now serving and mentoring as past president to a new member and nurse practitioner Beth Laramore
NAR conference planning committee member 2010 for OC, MD
  National Participation:

WOC in Washington recipient and attendee 2008

  Summary Statement: As past president of ESWOCN for the past 9 years, I have learned the value of a strong group of members who are passionate about patients and mentorship. We need to keep all affiliate members engaged and ready to serve as board members. I started as a CWOCN in my late 20's And as president of the affiliate in my early 30's. The members who I looked up to and served as mentors in my growth are still members of the affiliate and are passionate about  our profession. I looked up to them over the years to help guide me in my professional growth. I am ready to be that mentor to those new members of the ESWOCN affiliate and have them look up to me for guidance and service at the MAR and national WOCN level . We are growing our future.

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